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Available for Download Update JCL Hotel v2.4 Beta 7

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Is now available for download the update version JCL Hotel 2.4 Beta 7 with a wide range of new functionalities. JCL Hotel v2.3 must be installed in your system for the update to install and run properly, also available for download here on our website.

In a few days we will publish the complete and official version JCL Hotel v2.4


JCL Hotel 2.4 Beta 7

+ Added Curremcy Exchange Rate Module
+ Added Currency Denomination Module
+ Added Advance Payments Module
+ Added Invoices Module
+ Added Collections Module
+ Added Cashier Opening/Closing Module
+ Added to the menu bar the Customer List Report
+ Added Advance Payments Report
+ Added Invoices Report
+ Added Collections Report
+ Added Cashier CLosing Report
+ Added Day Summary Report
* Added new shortcuts to the application menu
* Added ability to work with multiple currencies
* Added new tabs (Stays, Paid Invoices and Pending Invoices) to the client´s Card
* Ability to manually change services info in Reservation, Stay and New reservations Cards
* Added Attached Documents Module to the Stay Card
* Added ability to switch views (Planning View and Today´s View) on the main window
* Added more data to client reporting, stay and booking
* Minor visual changes
* Add new Reservation status (Reserved)
- Corrected visual and functional bugs
- Fee field removed from the application
- Removed the ability to select the currency symbol from Options


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