Publicados JCL Hotel 2.23, JCL POS 2.12 y POS Mobile 1.1 / Published JCL Hotel 2.23, JCL POS 2.12 and POS Mobile 1.1.

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Available JCL POS v2.3, better than ever!!!

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Hello to all our clients of JCL Team Business Solutions, in this article we present the new version of our sales management system "JCL POS" in its version 2.3, which has many new features and enhancements, making our product every time be more competitive and better than ever.

For those who possess the version from 2.1 to 2.2, (no need to download full version), we also have the full version for those who do not possess any.

We are already working on the next version, which will post the new things we are developing.



* Added: Gratuity when a room charge is made
* Added: Option to make a payment in more than one payment type
* Added: Quick sale
* Added: Payment Center
* Added: Virtual keyboard in Sales Terminal
* Added: Property Information fields
* Added: Fields Text color and Active to Category
* Added: Option to split sale in multiple sales
* Added: Option to cancel receipt
* Added: Option to cancel invoice
* Modified: Color fields are shown in Area List
* Modified: Removed option to delete entrance/return/transfer of products and adjusment/wastage as a measure for the correct operation of the system
- Fixed: Margins that are set for receipt are not saved
- Fixed: Minor bugs


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