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JCL POS v2.5 (corrections and new features)

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Hello to all our clients of JCL Team Business Solutions , we present the latest release of our sales management sysem "JCL POS" now in version 2.5, which has new features, enhancements and corrections, moving towards a product more competitive and higher quality.

For those who possess the version from 2.1 to 2.3.3 (no need to download full version), we also have the full version for those who do not possess any.

We are already working on the next version, which will post the new things we are developing.


JCL POS 2.5.2

* Modified: Minor Visual Changes
* Modified: When Opening Shift application returns to the main window automatically
- Fixed: Error Occurs when changing the base currency
- Fixed: If the gratuity is introduced in a room charge its payment and corresponding cash movement are not generated
- Fixed: If payments are made to a sale and after you perfrom a room charge, a transfer is made for the full amount of the sale
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.5.1

* Modified: Improved Product List filter
- Fixed: When sending a room charge fields Price and Subtotal of the extra service are not correctly calculated


* Added: Filter criteria for Product List
* Added: Product Report
* Added: Option for selecting default Payment Type
* Added: Option for Outomatically Finalize on Sale Closing
* Added: Option for setting Offered services applicable to Sale
* Added: When adding Gratuity the correspoding Payment and Cash Movement are generated
* Added: Options for Show/Hide Receipt fields
* Modified: Reports design
* Modified: New icon Units of Measure on main window
* Modified: Unfinished Sales window simplified
* Modified: New Configuration window design
- Fixed: When closing Shift is mandatory enter not cash amounts
- Fixed: Table Layout access not showed in User privileges
- Fixed: Several POS Terminal actions not showed in User privileges
- Fixed: Discount greater than the Product/Sale total can be applied
- Fixed: If Sale is closed as Invoice and Quick Sale option is selected, the Sale is not showed in tab Earnings of Sale Statistics
- Fixed: Error on POS Terminal access in User privileges
- Fixed: Minor bugs


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