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Rock Solid, new JCL POS v2.9

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JCL Team Business Solutions presents the newest version of one of the best Point of Sales Management and Inventory Sales (POS) "JCL POS", v2.9.1, with more and more new and improved features, moving towards a product more competitive and better quality.

Now with 18 new features, improving loyalty program and the use of loyalty cards. Adds a package of functions for control and purchase statistics.

JCL POS is now present in over 10 countries on 5 continents and continues to increase this figure.

We continue working on version 3.0, which will be more integrated and with a very high level of use.

What's New:

JCL POS 2.9.1

+ Added: Purchase Statistic
* Added: Function to remove the system data
* Added: Search and printing criteria to windows: clients, business sources, accounts, loyalty cards, inventory, product purchase, product returns, product transfers and stocks
* Added: Field "additional cost" to the product
* Added: Value fields to inventory
* Added: Client history
* Added: Client Name to receipt and option to show it or not
* Added: Option to update or not the cost price of the product while user does products purchases and returns
* Added: Product information is displayed by double clicking on it in the terminal sales
* Added: Option to sell products or not if its stock is 0
* Added: Functions to Accounts Window
* Added: Management account Options
* Added: You can define the percentage and maximum amount of discount that the user can apply
* Added: Option to apply the product quantity when added to a sale
* Added: User permission to be able to transfer sales from one user to another
* Added: User permission to be able to take control of other user’s sales
* Added: User permission to be able to see only their sales
* Added: User Permissions
* Modified: Discount restricted to not exceed the total of sale
* Modified: Text indicating that there is no selected point of sale when trying to open the window shift management is displayed
* Modified: Visual changes
- Fixed: The discount applied is not correctly calculated
- Fixed: The account balance is not calculated correctly when paying transactions
- Fixed: The client identifier is not saved in the payment when a transaction is carried out manually on a loyalty card
- Fixed: Minor bugs


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