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New version of POS system "JCL POS v2.11"

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JCL Team Business Solutions publishes the new version of JCL POS, "v2.11", one of the most solid Point of Sales Management and Inventory (POS) systems, with new and improved features, moving towards a more competitive product and higher quality.

Incorporates receipt format for printing invoices and prefix control and consecutive number of them.

JCL POS is now present in over 10 countries on 5 continents.

We continue working on version 3.0, which will be more integrated and with a very high level of use.

What's New:

JCL POS 2.11

* Added: Identifier of invoices in the system, being able to set a prefix and the consecutive number of them.
* Added: Receipt format to print the invoice in the invoices center
* Added: Option to set the default invoice print format in sales terminal
* Modified: Identifier on the invoice
- Fixed: The product category in the composition is saved wrong when a simple product is added using the "Used In ..." function
- Fixed: Incorrect amounts store are downgrade if store type is changed and it was already configured in the terminal sales.
- Fixed: Minor bugs


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