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Software Evaluation

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From: Jude Obiudu
I have been evaluating your software.
Unfortunately,  it  has  expired and  I  am  not able to continue. We intend to  give  this  solution to our  client.
Kindly help to unlock the system such that I  can  continue  with the  trial  and  schedule a demonstration for theclient.
    Hello Jude Obiudu:
      As you can understand, you had 30 days of trial  period  for  evaluating  our  software, we work with so many clients and  possible  clients  around  the  world.
      Its a little less than impossible to manage that  kind  of  request from  every  one, because we used that range of days as  part  of our  security  protection  policy against piracy, steals etc.
      We can give you some solutions, right now to help  you  continue using  the  demo version:
      1- Install our system in some other PC
      2- Re-Install your computer's OS and then,  install  our  system
      3- Install our system using a virtual machine  software,  like  VM Ware  Workstation, then you can do Snapshots of your virtual  OS,  so our system  can  go back in time, and you will have as long as  you  need our  system  available  for schedule a demonstration for the  client.
      We are glad for your contact,
      Hope this ideas can help you continue your work  with  our  system,  please  if  you have any other question or doubt,  please feel  free  to  contact us,  we  would like you become in one of our  clients.
      Best Regards and waiting for your answer as soon  as  possible,
      JCL Team Business Solutions
      Twitter: @JCLTeam



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