Publicados JCL Hotel 2.23, JCL POS 2.12 y POS Mobile 1.1 / Published JCL Hotel 2.23, JCL POS 2.12 and POS Mobile 1.1.

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Keep it Simple

Our systems provide an amazing ease of use and reliability improving any sector business. Integrate all the critical operations of hotels and restaurants on one platform

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JCL Team Business Solutions

Point of Sale Management Software

JCL POS is a modern, dynamic, intuitive and easy to use system for restaurants, bars, shops management  

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Hotel Management Software

JCL Hotel is designed for rental houses, hostels, motels, small and medium hotels and lodging companies

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Mobile Point of Sale Management

JCL POS Mobile manages all sales from your mobile device, is used in restaurants, bars, shops, modern, dynamic, intuitive and easy to use

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JCL POS Mobile

"Hospitality businesses around the world are improved using JCL Hotel, JCL POS and POS Mobile, modern solutions for managing your services."

Based on Cutting Edge Technology

They compete with the most popular solutions on the market. Built on a next-generation desktop/web applications base are targeted for corporate solutions, ease of use and technological support.

Compatible with MS ® Windows ® operating systems, 32 and 64 bits platforms on their latest versions.

Designed by Specialists

Our systems, engineered along with specialists from the hotel industry, focuses on current business needs.

Their versatility allows them to adapt to dissimilar environments and Hotel and Restaurant accommodations as Medium and Small Hotels, Motels, Hostels, Holiday Homes, B&B, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Shops, among others.

24-hour Technical Support

By buying our products, in addition to obtaining a licence, receive an after sales service for any concerns, questions or suggestions.

Each product includes an online forum, detailed documentation and the personalized attention you require or need.

PMS Hotel Management Software, Restaurant POS Management Software


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