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About JCL Hotel


JCL Team Business Solutions guarantees you with superior service offered through JCL Hotel, a Hotel Management Solution very easy to use. It integrates front desk, financial management, travel agencies and other critical operations for hotel industry business in a single system.

In addition, allows management of all information (reservations, stays, clients, guests, seasons, rates, rooms, rates, invoices, advance payments, fees, taxes, travel agencies, system users, etc.) generated in different types of property as holiday homes, hostels, motels, small and medium hotels in a faster and more efficient way, making the business flow without human error involved, making it a fast and simple process.

Cutting Edge Technology

JCL Hotel is the result of the use of last generation desktop applications. It presents a nice and friendly design that allows you to start working with great fluidity and gain experience quickly. The system provides an impressive support to the everyday work that exceeds current industry standards and competes with the best available solutions to date.

In order to achieve higher growth and income, JCL Hotel, as a solution for hotel management, meets the needs of those both in terms of rationalization of daily operations, as in the continuous improvement of these.

Simple Management

The application allows quick and effective management of the most important functions of a hotel, among which include, but is not limited to:

  • Configuration and Automatic implementation of rates
  • Group Reservations
  • Multiple Cash Boxes
  • Economical Management
  • Travel Agencies
  • Multiple Taxes


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