Publicados JCL Hotel 2.23, JCL POS 2.12 y POS Mobile 1.1 / Published JCL Hotel 2.23, JCL POS 2.12 and POS Mobile 1.1.

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Economics and Accounting

JCL Hotel pays special attention to the economical and accounting management of your business and is designed to provide powerful support in this regard but always without sacrificing the ease of use that characterizes it.

We guarantee observe the financial status of your business in real time.

Unlimited rates

The solution provides you the ability to specify the quantity of rates needed for your property and give the option to group them by seasons and define special prices for periods. Up to three different taxes can be setup also.

Extra services

The system can set an unlimited number of extra services or additions with their taxes, which can be added to guest accounts and rooms very quickly.

Payment types

JCL Hotel facilitates the insertion of different payment types, cash, credit card or check, as well as the configuration of multiple currencies, their denominations and exchange rates, allowing you to manage billing transactions, advance payments and invoices in a simple manner.

Integration with JCL POS

JCL Hotel integrates perfectly with our Point of Sale Management Software, JCL POS, which is responsible for managing and controlling the entire sales process that occurs in different businesses such as cafe, bars, restaurants, etc., to send guest or room charges later.



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