Publicados JCL Hotel 2.23, JCL POS 2.12 y POS Mobile 1.1 / Published JCL Hotel 2.23, JCL POS 2.12 and POS Mobile 1.1.

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About JCL POS Mobile


JCL POS Mobile is a Web environment application that allows managing all sales of your business quickly, easily and most importantly, from your mobile device. It works integrated to JCL POS system, allowing real-time interaction with all the information available on your business.

Cutting Edge Technology

JCL POS Mobile is the result of the execution of the latest technologies in development for web applications. It’s a touch-optimized HTML5 responsive app that is accessible on all popular smartphones, tablet, e-reader, and desktop platforms. It was built with accessibility and universal access in mind.

It has a nice and simple design that allows users to start working with great fluency and gain experience quickly.

Simple Management

The solution manages in a very fast and effective way major operations within a restaurant, among which are:

  • Take orders from sale
  • Adding cooking options
  • Send orders to kitchen
  • Print receipts from mobile device
  • Close sales
  • Manage payments and refunds
  • Manage taxes
  • Multiple languages English / Spanish
  • Split sales
  • Currency exchange rates


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