Publicados JCL Hotel 2.23, JCL POS 2.12 y POS Mobile 1.1 / Published JCL Hotel 2.23, JCL POS 2.12 and POS Mobile 1.1.

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Main Features

JCL POS Mobile is an enterprise solution which administers and manages sales of restaurants, bars, cafes, fast food services, clubs, pubs, shops, and other types of property.

A simple approach, solid reliability and ease of use make it great JCL POS Mobile a system for your needs, allowing you to achieve simplicity never before seen in restaurant management and many other types of businesses. It is very useful for any business that has outlets and a wireless network.

JCL POS Mobile runs through the web browser on mobile devices and desktop computers. The main module focuses on the sales terminal. The bartenders / waiters in bars or restaurants can easily handle all the functionality of JCL POS Mobile, our Point of Sale Management Software for mobile devices.

Features included in JCL POS Mobile

Sales Management

  • Manage all sales
  • Generation and printing receipts
  • Security control for users and sales
  • Use customers
  • Use agencies
  • Use different payment methods
  • Room charges
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Multiple users syncronized in real time


  • System settings configuration
  • Multiple languages (English / Spanish)


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