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Sales Management

Powerful sales terminal

One of the main advantages of JCL POS is its powerful and intuitive sales terminal; which can handle most business operations like sales creation and cancellation, client selection, discount application, receipts and invoices generation, kitchen orders, room charges, gratuities and more.

Allowing so, handling a wide variety of services on your property and configure multiple points of sale. The terminals can be used in touch screens and you can create as many users as need for each one of them.

Hostelry module

JCL POS contains a hostelry module that includes a graphical representation of rooms and tables showing the status of these in real time. It also provides a quick way to make reservations, kitchen orders with the corresponding preparation options, and a monitor to display kitchen orders.

Economical management

JCL POS makes your work easier with different payment methods, including cash, credit card or check, and the configuration of multiple currencies, their denominations and exchange rates, so you can manage billing transactions more conveniently.

Through an economics module, JCL POS frees users to make multiple openings and closings in a same working time, showing a very detailed report of the shift status at all times. Similarly, cash entries and withdrawals can be manually inserted to cash transactions, and agencies or business sources with commissions plans can be defined in the system.

Integration with JCL Hotel

JCL POS seamlessly integrates with our Hotel Management Software, JCL Hotel, sending charges to the rooms after the guest has completed his purchase.



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