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JCL POS 2.12.2

- Fixed: Calculating profit on the sale record of sales statistics, when there is a sale with commission
- Fixed: The plan and its value in the sale information is not saved when a business source is selected

JCL POS 2.12.1

* Added: Option to set a notice in the invoice report
* Modified: Design enhancements were added in the invoice report standard format
* Modified: Design enhancements were added in the invoice report receipt format
- Fixed: An error occurs when a charge is send to hotel room and the value of the sale is $ 0.00
- Fixed: An error occurs when opening the settings after upgrading to version 2.12.0
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.11

* Added: Identifier of invoices in the system, being able to set a prefix and the consecutive number of them.
* Added: Receipt format to print the invoice in the invoices center
* Added: Option to set the default invoice print format in sales terminal
* Modified: Identifier on the invoice
- Fixed: The product category in the composition is saved wrong when a simple product is added using the "Used In ..." function
- Fixed: Incorrect amounts store are downgrade if store type is changed and it was already configured in the terminal sales.
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.9.1

+ Added: Purchase Statistic
* Added: Function to remove the system data
* Added: Search and printing criteria to windows: clients, business sources, accounts, loyalty cards, inventory, product purchase, product returns, product transfers and stocks
* Added: Field "additional cost" to the product
* Added: Value fields to inventory
* Added: Client history
* Added: Client Name to receipt and option to show it or not
* Added: Option to update or not the cost price of the product while user does products purchases and returns
* Added: Product information is displayed by double clicking on it in the terminal sales
* Added: Option to sell products or not if its stock is 0
* Added: Functions to Accounts Window
* Added: Management account Options
* Added: You can define the percentage and maximum amount of discount that the user can apply
* Added: Option to apply the product quantity when added to a sale
* Added: User permission to be able to transfer sales from one user to another
* Added: User permission to be able to take control of other user’s sales
* Added: User permission to be able to see only their sales
* Added: User Permissions
* Modified: Discount restricted to not exceed the total of sale
* Modified: Text indicating that there is no selected point of sale when trying to open the window shift management is displayed
* Modified: Visual changes
- Fixed: The discount applied is not correctly calculated
- Fixed: The account balance is not calculated correctly when paying transactions
- Fixed: The client identifier is not saved in the payment when a transaction is carried out manually on a loyalty card
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.8.4

- Fixed: Does not change the account balance when a payment is made with a loyalty card
- Fixed: Small connection error when making payment on a new (blank) installation v2.8.3
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.8.3

- Fixed: Sales statistics, payment types are not displayed
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.8.2

- Fixed: The product's options menu inside sales terminal is not shown in some of the smaller screen resolutions

JCL POS 2.8.1

+ Added: Accounts Module 
+ Added: Card Module
+ Added: Card Templates Module
+ Added: Discount rates
* Added: Linking clients and business sources with accounts
* Added: In Products purchase, return and product transfer, delete button
* Added: In simple product, function "Used In ..."
* Added: In the window of payment terminal sales, option to pay with loyalty card and account
* Modified: In more details, the text Product star for Favorite Product
* Modified: User permissions for the new features
* Modified: Visual changes
* Modified: Redesign of sales terminal
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.7.1

- Fixed: Not allowed to create the base currency of the system since the exchange rate is kept locked and 0.0000

+ Added: New tabs to sales statistics
+ Added: Client Tittles
+ Added: Shift Report
* Modified: Visual changes to program navigation
* Modified: Visual changes in Receipt Center
* Modified: Visual changes in Invoice Center
* Modified: Invoice Model
* Modified: New Cashbox Movements window
* Modified: Shift Report window
- Fixed: When discounts are applied, products taxes sets to negative values
- Fixed: Minor bugs


+ Added: Business Source Types
+ Added: Apply or remove offered services from the sales terminal
+ Added: Option to set the cost price manually in the product definition
* Modified: Changed the term Travel Agency by Business Source
* Modified: minor visual changes

JCL POS 2.5.2

* Modified: Minor Visual Changes
* Modified: When Opening Shift application returns to the main window automatically
- Fixed: Error Occurs when changing the base currency
- Fixed: If the gratuity is introduced in a room charge its payment and corresponding cash movement are not generated
- Fixed: If payments are made to a sale and after you perfrom a room charge, a transfer is made for the full amount of the sale
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.5.1

* Modified: Improved Product List filter
- Fixed: When sending a room charge fields Price and Subtotal of the extra service are not correctly calculated


* Added: Filter criteria for Product List
* Added: Product Report
* Added: Option for selecting default Payment Type
* Added: Option for Automatically Finalize on Sale Closing
* Added: Option for setting Offered services applicable to Sale
* Added: When adding Gratuity the correspoding Payment and Cash Movement are generated
* Added: Options for Show/Hide Receipt fields
* Modified: Reports design
* Modified: New icon Units of Measure on main window
* Modified: Unfinished Sales window simplified
* Modified: New Configuration window design
- Fixed: When closing Shift is mandatory enter not cash amounts
- Fixed: Table Layout access not showed in User privileges
- Fixed: Several POS Terminal actions not showed in User privileges
- Fixed: Discount greater than the Product/Sale total can be applied
- Fixed: If Sale is closed as Invoice and Quick Sale option is selected, the Sale is not showed in tab Earnings of Sale Statistics
- Fixed: Error on POS Terminal access in User privileges
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.3.3

- Fixed: An error occurs when Property Information is saved and no country is selected

JCL POS 2.3.2

- Fixed: An error occurs if JCL POS is installed on a PC with JCL Hotel with a version previous to 2.11

JCL POS 2.3.1

- Fixed: An error occurs when the database is updated in the JCL POS 2.3 installation


* Added: Gratuity when a room charge is made
* Added: Option to make a payment in more than one payment type
* Added: Quick sale
* Added: Payment Center
* Added: Virtual keyboard in Sales Terminal
* Added: Property Information fields
* Added: Fields Text color and Active to Category
* Added: Option to split sale in multiple sales
* Added: Option to cancel receipt
* Added: Option to cancel invoice
* Modified: Color fields are shown in Area List
* Modified: Removed option to delete entrance/return/transfer of products and adjusment/wastage as a measure for the correct operation of the system
- Fixed: Margins that are set for receipt are not saved
- Fixed: Minor bugs


* Added: New fields to Client
* Added: Ability to select the decimal places to display Exchange Rates which the whole system works with
* Added: Option to select the Currency Type when paying
* Modified: Internal functioning of Backups
- Fixed: Localization errors
- Fixed: Concurrent access to database errors
- Fixed: When selecting products from a reservation quantity is always 1
- Fixed: Some text fields allow to introduce a very small amount of characters
- Fixed: Cost price of Products that belong to reservations are calculating incorrectly
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.1.1

- Fixed: An error occurs on opening or closing a shift and when generating an invoice
- Fixed: Minor bugs


+ Added: English Translation
* Added: Unit of Measure 'Unit'
* Modified: Updated visual controls version
* Modified: New message windows design
* Modified: New date selection controls design
* Modified: Receipts, statistics, invoices and cash movements searchers improved
- Fixed: Payment Types not showing correctly in Cash Drawer Movements window
- Fixed: An error occurs when adding a reservation
- Fixed: Minor bugs

JCL POS 2.0.1

- Fixed: An error occurs when products are inserted to reservations and any store has been selected on the Configuration Window


First public release



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